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This is a list of selected suppliers of plants and gardening equipment etc. It is not intended to be comprehensive, but rather those suppliers that UNG members have identified as particularly worthwhile*. Regional suppliers' locations are shown on a map at the bottom of the page.

If you have any suggestions for additions to this page, please do let us know.

Discounts for UNG Members

Collier Turf Care Discount - NEW

The Upper Nar Gardeners group benefits from a discount from our local turf care and garden supplies specialist in Beeston. As an Upper Nar Gardener, you can get a 15% discount on all items. Products can be ordered through the Collier Turf Care website with click-and-collect from Beeston (select 'Collection - Zone 1 - POA' when ordering)

To benefit from the discount, use the UNG Unique Discount Code when checking-out on their website. To obtain the discount code (which can't be published on this publicly accessible website), see the Community forum (Admin Space), or contact us.

Dobies' Discount Scheme

The Upper Nar Gardeners group is a member of the Dobies' gardening groups discount scheme. As an Upper Nar Gardener, you get a 50% discount on all seeds and 15% discount on other items.

To benefit from the discount use the UNG Unique Offer Code when checking-out at the Dobies website. Alternatively we have some catalogues and UNG pre-printed order forms available. To get the offer code (which can't be published on this publicly accessible website), see the Community forum (Admin Space), or contact us.

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Selected Suppliers

Local Nurseries & Plant Centres

In alphabetic order. Shown on map below.
  • Blackrow Nurseries (Norfolk Hedging). Good for bare root hedge plants and native trees over the winter. Stock can get low after January. Suggested by: Jeff.

  • Creake Plant Centre The plant centre has an excellent range of plants at reasonable prices. Suggested by: Kathy.

  • Direct Plants. Good value plants (and polytunnels). Direct Plants also sell through eBay where you might pick up a bargain. Click & collect at Pott Row. Suggested by: Jeff.

  • Dover Farm Nurseries Suggested by: Kathy

  • East of England Apples and Orchard Project. A charity promoting the planting of local orchard fruit varieties and the preservation of orchards in the East of England. The organisation sells over 45 varieties of fruit tree that originate in Norfolk as well as varieties from other East Anglian counties. Trees are good quality and very reasonably priced. It's best to reserve trees over the summer for winter collection as they often sell out. Suggested by: Jeff.

  • Natural Surroundings Wildflower Centre: Nursery, Gardens & Café. 🌱Peat free. Suggested by: Kathy

  • Norfolk Herbs A comprehensive range of herb plants available. 🌱Peat free. Suggested by: multiple people.

  • Packwell Nurseries, Mileham. The bedding and veg plants are very good quality and they now stock peat free Clover compost. Suggested by: Richard C.

  • The Romantic Garden Nursery A nursery offering large specimen plants. Good if you need to create a mature looking garden quickly and have the budget. Suggested by: Kathy

  • Urban Jungle. Specialising in exotic species, including bananas, aroids, palms and cannas. Suggested by: Jeff

  • Walnut Tree Garden Nursery Suggested by: Kathy

  • West Acre Gardens and nursery is set in a lovely old walled garden. The nursery has an excellent range of plants at reasonable prices. Suggested by: multiple people.

  • Woodgate Nursery. Suggested by: Kathy

🌱Information about nurseries using only peat free compost is from Nic Wilson's website.

Mail Order Nurseries

  • Binny Plants Specialising in paeonies, though offering a wide range of other species. 🌱Peat free. Suggested by: Kathy

  • Burncoose Nursery. Many rare and unusual species. Plants are well packed for shipping. "Working towards peat free". Suggested by: Jeff

  • Crûg Farm Nursery. Rare and unusual species, many of which have been collected by the proprietors who are modern-day plant hunters. The online shop isn't the easiest to navigate, but there are species available that can't be bought elsewhere. 🌱Peat free. Suggested by: Jeff

  • Edrom Nurseries. Rare and unusual plant varieties. Suggested by: Kathy

Gar‎den‎‎ing Ex‎‎pre‎s‎s A note about this mail order company. Before being tempted by any discount offer, do check out their reviews on Sitejabber, or Trustpilot.


  • Collier Turf Care. A wide range of fertilisers, seed, chemicals and other gardening equipment. Collier Turf Care offer UNG members a 15% discount. See the Community forum or your email for details of the discount code. Suggested by: Jeff

  • PLG Farm & Country Store. Good for 25Kg sacks of lawn fertilizer. Suggested by: Jeff

  • Growing medium...(Suggestions welcomed)

  • Manure...(Suggestions welcomed)

Equipment and Landscaping

  • FTC Hire & Sales. Tool and plant hire. Suggested by: Jeff.

  • G and G Fencing. Local fencing supplier offering all types of fencing including bespoke metalwork. Suggested by: Jeff.

  • Thompson Sawmills. Pressure treated timber and fencing. Click and collect or delivery. Suggested by: Jeff.

Gardening Services

Map of Norfolk Suppliers

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