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What's On in June

Picture of field poppies in the rain

Field poppy
Papaver rhoeas)

Garden Tasks for June

  • Lift and store tulip bulbs after flowering.

  • Summer prune Wisteria to promote flowering next season. Cut long side shoots to about 25 cm.

  • Plant out hardened-off sweetcorn. Plant in rectangular blocks for wind pollination.

  • Pick sweet pea flowers to encourage more flowering.

  • Lift and divide clumps of bluebells and snowdrops once the leaves start to die back.

  • Pinch out side shoots from tomato plants. Start to feed with a high potassium feed (tomato feed) only when the first fruit truss is set, use a regular feed until then.

  • Harden-off and plant out pumpkin, squash and courgette.

  • Prune plum and cherry trees.

  • Remember to check for birds nests before you start any hedge cutting or pruning.

JeffIf you think there is something that should be added to this month's events or to-do list, please let me know.

Sweet peas (Lathyrus odoratus)