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What's On in November

Garden Tasks for November

  • Collect fallen rose leaves that have signs of blackspot so they don't carry the disease over to next year. Bin them, don't compost them.

  • Put frost protection fleece or straw around half-hardy plants. Bring frost sensitive container plants under cover if possible.

  • Lift dahlia tubers to store in a frost free place.

  • Plant bare root shrubs and trees whilst the ground still has some warmth.

  • Plant bulbs ready for the spring.

  • Add organic matter to vegetable plots.

  • Fit grease bands to fruit trees to stop flightless winter moth females from climbing to lay eggs.

  • Protect damp sensitive plants, such as agaves, from waterlogging by raising containers off the ground or getting them under cover. Cambridge botanic garden fit a rain cover over their large outdoor agaves.

Photo of harvested pumpkins and squash

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