Community Forum


In addition to this public website, there is a friendly UNG community forum where members can ask questions, make suggestions, and swap plants, equipment and knowledge with their fellow gardeners. The private social forum, which is hosted by Tribe¹, has no adverts and there is no corporate harvesting of personal data. The forum is only accessible by invited members of the UNG group.

To join the community forum, you will need to receive an invitation email. You can request an invitation by using the Register page on this website, or contact one of the UNG organisers.

Once you have received the invitation email and set a password, you should be able to access the forums without having to re-enter your password (providing cookies are enabled).

The community forum is a distinct system from this main website and gives an opportunity for online discussion with other members of the group. Do give the community forum a try, but it may not be for everyone. We will continue to send event announcements by email as well as publishing information on this main website.

Picture of a couple gardening

Once you are registered, the Community menu at the top of this page gives direct links to the main discussion spaces. Alternatively, to open the Community site in a new window, click the button. The 💬 icon indicates a link to the separate community website.

¹ To make sure email notifications from the Community forum don't go into spam, add the email address <> to trusted senders. Adding to your email Contacts will usually stop things going into your spam folder.
When you register with Tribe, you will enter into a data processing agreement with Tribe Technologies Inc. For more information see the Tribe section in the UNG Privacy Policy