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Live feed from the Mileham East weather station

Previous Years' Max-Min Readings

2023: Max temp: 32.0°C on 10 Sep  |  Min temp: -7.9°C on 23 Jan  |  Max wind gust 34.2 mph¹ on 21 Dec  |  Annual rainfall: 856 mm (🡑37%²)

2022: Max temp: 38.6°C on 19 July  |  Min temp: -7.7°C on 13 Dec  |  Max wind gust 41.2 mph¹ on 7 Apr.

¹ The weather station under-reports wind speeds as it is mounted 3m above the ground.  Windspeed is conventionally measured at 10m.  At 10m height, windspeed would be between 1½ and 2 times that recorded at 3m (ref).

² The thirty year average annual rainfall for East Anglia 1991-2020 was 627 mm (ref).  The recorded 2023 rainfall was 37% above that average. 
The wettest month in 2023 was October with 189 mm of rainfall. By comparison the 2022 October rainfall was 48 mm.

The Mileham East weather station is currently rated 'Gold Star🏅' for accuracy by Weather Underground.

Never base important decisions on this weather information where there is a risk of harm to people or property.