News and Events

Next Event: 16 February 2022

We have arranged a visit to a stunning woodland garden awash with snowdrops and winter flowering shrubs; there is a walled garden as well as the main snowdrop area to explore.

Full details by email and in the Community forum.

Dobies' Discount Scheme

The Upper Nar Gardeners group is a member of the Dobies' gardening groups discount scheme. As an Upper Nar Gardener, you get a 50% discount on all seeds and 15% discount on other items.

To benefit from the discount use the UNG Unique Offer Code when checking-out at the Dobies website. Alternatively we have some catalogues and UNG pre-printed order forms available. To get the offer code (which can't be published on this publicly accessible website), see the Community forum (Admin Space), or contact us.

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Screenshot of Dobies checkout

Mileham Open Gardens 2022

Every few years the Upper Nar Gardeners group organises an Open Gardens event in Mileham village. This raises a substantial sum of money for charity and brings members of our community together.

The last time Mileham opened its gardens was in July 2017 and, after a five year pause and the restrictions of lockdowns, it would be great to run the event again.

Please consider whether you would be willing to open your garden in aid of charity. Your garden doesn't have to be worthy of an RHS gold medal! It doesn't matter whether it is small or large, a work in progress, or a mature haven. All will be interesting, and what's important is that we have enough gardens open within the village to make it worthwhile people visiting.

More information will be found on the 2022 Open Gardens page and on the Community discussion site as we make progress with organisation.

Virtual Open Gardens 2020

We had hoped to host an Open Gardens event in 2020, but the Covid-19 pandemic stopped us. Instead we created a Virtual Open Gardens website, which is still available to view.

Screenshot of the 2020 Virtual Open Gardens website

Past Events

(Starting 2022 this will be a record of past events)

Picture of a greenhouse from the 2020 open gardens website