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What's On in January

Camellia in the snow

A camellia in the snow. See 10 Jan.

Garden Tasks for January

  • Winter prune wisteria. Cut last year's growth back to two or three buds. (The summer pruning is July-August)

  • Prune rose bushes this month while they are still dormant, though not rambling roses which are normally pruned in late summer. For more see the RHS guide.

  • Cut back ornamental grasses so that new growth will show.

  • Remove old hellebore leaves to expose the new blooms as they emerge in the spring. Bin any leaves with black patches to reduce spread of leaf spot diseases.

  • Prune apple and pear trees if not already done.

  • Plant bare-root fruit trees, roses and shrubs, unless the ground is frozen.

  • Start sweet peas, salad seeds, cauliflowers, spring onions and spinach on a windowsill or in a greenhouse to get an early start.

  • Trim back climbers before birds start nesting.

  • Apply fertilizer around hedges and shrubs ready for their spring growth.

Picture of wheelbarrow with snow

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